Annual review of the Health & Wellbeing Pillar

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Health and Wellbeing Pillar

The Health & Wellbeing Pillar celebrated a win at the federal election; $14 million for an Adult Mental Health Centre in Corio, a priority under G21’s Addressing Disadvantage project. We were disappointed that despite a concerted campaign, calls to government to fund the proposed Northern ARC Health and Wellbeing Hub in Norlane was ignored.

The G21 Region Opportunities for Work (GROW) project has undertaken an external review to reflect on the outcomes of the initiative during its start-up phase. The review shows a number of notable successes; particularly a shift in mindset and practice changes by many of the partner organisations in the G21 region as a result of the GROW initiative.

The Pillar has identified three priority actions to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in the G21 region; enabling healthier lifestyles, preventing violence against women and improving mental health and wellbeing.

The Pillar is working with the Health Services Alliance to prevent violence against women. The Alliance is currently developing a communication toolkit to build regional understanding of the drivers of and actions to prevent violence against women. 

The Pillar held a seminar to advise local industry leaders and decision makers how to build inclusive workplaces. The lecture discussed strategies for reducing the negative impacts of unconscious bias. Deakin University and Women’s Health and Wellbeing BSW were joint partners in this.=

The Pillar also held a number of successful roundtables this year. These facilitated sessions covered topics including how to reduce smoking rates in the G21 region, understanding disadvantage and recognising what it takes for everyone to become physically active.

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