Annual review of the Sport & Recreation Pillar

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Sports and Recreation Pillar

The Adventure Trails, a G21 priority under the Great Ocean Road project, were recognised in the City Deal funding agreement, with $5 million to design and implement the Great Ocean Walk stage one (Skenes Creek to Apollo Bay) and $350,000 to complete a feasibility study for stage two. The study is already underway, and will assess the value, benefits and options for a coastal walking or cycling trail between Fairhaven and Skenes Creek.

The Sport and Recreation Pillar welcomed $425,000 from the Building Better Region Fund for the Central Reserve netball court redevelopment in Colac. This is a long-term G21 priority under Addressing Disadvantage, and recognises that a fully developed Central Reserve will improve community health and wellbeing. This funding will complete the project.

The Pillar is advocating for a new project. A state-of-the-art four-court highball indoor sports stadium is the crucial ‘missing link’ in Deakin University’s Elite Sports Precinct. The stadium would be the first of its type in the region and would attract national and international competitions.

The G21 Board has ratified both the G21 Regional Hockey Strategy and G21 Cricket Victoria Barwon Regional Cricket Strategy. The G21 and Cricket Victoria Barwon Regional Cricket Strategy sets to achieve a vision of, ‘more cricket, played by more participants, across a diversity of programs and locations.’  With long travel times to facilities and poor capacity as key challenges, the G21 Regional Hockey Strategy provides a framework to improve hockey participation and access to facilities over the next 10 years.

Attention is now turning to basketball and working with Basketball Victoria, Netball Victoria and the G21 Council’s to address a shortage of indoor court space with demand outstripping supply across the region.

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