Delivering projects and creating jobs in regional Victoria


Two projects from the G21 region were rewarded earlier this month following announcements from the State Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund.

The ‘Three Trails’ project in Golden Plains Shire and Surf Coast Shire’s ‘Connecting Torquay’s Town Centre’ project both received a $500,000 grant towards infrastructure that is designed to help improve liveability and attract more residents and visitors to towns.

A significant multi-use trails project straddling the Golden Plains Shire and neighbouring municipalities, investment in the Three Trails project will enhance and upgrade three significant multi-use trails: Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail, Kuruc a Ruc Trail and Rainbow Bird Trail.

Improvements include new signage, shelters, picnic tables, seating, decking upgrades, safety corrals at major highway crossings, culvert and bridge upgrades, environmental works as well as the promotion of the trails to new visitors and regional residents to increase the usage of the picturesque trails.

The project is also part of the Adventure Trails, and features under the Great Ocean Road priority project.

Popular with walkers, hikers, cyclists and horse-riders, these trails total 101 kilometres and connect 15 different townships and communities across Golden Plains Shire, the City of Ballarat and Corangamite Shire.

The ‘Connecting Torquay’s Town Centre’ project involves connecting Torquay’s town centre to significant natural assets of Torquay foreshore and Taylor Park.

This includes formalised car parking fronting Taylor Park along Zeally Bay Rd and Fisher Street; and pedestrian crossings on Zeally Bay and Bristol Roads, Gilbert Street and Pearl Street.

There will also be three cycling station points and pedestrian way finding signage installed.

The Regional Infrastructure Fund is part of the Government’s flagship Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, which helps businesses create more jobs in regional Victoria, supports community projects and helps councils to build the infrastructure locals need.

Information and guidelines for the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund can be found at