Federal recognition of Princes Highway’s significance

Transport Pillar

The Australian Government has added the Princes Highway from Colac to the South Australian border to the National Land Transport Network.

The move recognises the critical importance of the section of highway as a key freight link for the Victorian and National economies.

The upgrade of Princes Highway West is a long-term G21 project.

The inclusion of the road on the national network took effect from 1 July 2020, as part of updates to the network across Australia.

This section of the Princes Highway is a significant national freight link and tourism corridor through the Green Triangle region and its addition recognises a continued strategic commitment to improving safety, access and freight efficiency along this key route.

As a nationally important highway and key freight link to the Victorian and National economies it is vital that both State and Federal Governments now commit to funding urgent improvements.

Investing in critical road infrastructure will improve road safety, reduce congestion and ensure efficient freight links for businesses to local and international markets.

The federal government has the legislative responsibility for what roads are part of the network.

The National Land Transport Network is a network of nationally important road and rail infrastructure links.

Ownership of the National Land Transport Network remains with the state government and the federal government contributes maintenance funding on the condition that the states appropriately maintain the network.