Feedback on Bannockburn Growth Plan

Planning and Services Pillar

Work continues on the Bannockburn Growth Plan following public consultation undertaken by the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) and Golden Plains Shire Council in March.

The engagement was to seek the community’s feedback and identify key issues and opportunities as Golden Plains Shire’s largest town grows into the future.

Feedback was obtained through an online and hard-copy survey mailed to all Bannockburn residents, face-to-face conversations at the March Golden Plains Farmers’ Market, telephone interviews and through a writing activity with secondary school students at Bannockburn P-12 College.

Almost 400 people completed the survey, providing valuable feedback including:

  • When asked about the future, Bannockburn’s community wants improvements to shopping facilities, public transport, recreational facilities, transport and roads, green spaces and biodiversity, and infrastructure provision.
  • When asked about the top two priorities for Growth and Renewal, respondents identified ‘protecting rural character’ and ‘provision of infrastructure to support development.’
  • Youth participants were asked ‘what makes Bannockburn great?’ and the most common responses were tight-knit community, open space and rural feel, amenities, sporting facilities, quiet town and good schools.
  • When asked about the top two priorities for Economy and Employment, respondents identified ‘planning for additional retail land’ and ‘providing opportunities for local employment.’

The VPA has compiled the community’s feedback in a Community Engagement Summary Report, which is now available at 

Development of a Bannockburn Growth Plan is a priority under the G21 Regional Growth Areas project.

About the Bannockburn Growth Plan

Bannockburn is one of the fastest growing towns in regional Victoria and in the future will face a shortage of available land to develop for new houses.

A partnership project of Golden Plains Shire Council and the VPA, the Bannockburn Growth Plan will identify where and when future housing may be developed, and what infrastructure is needed to support the growing community, such as roads and community facilities, and land for employment and retail.

The Growth Plan will set out how the town is likely to change in the future, providing certainty to the local community about what changes to expect in Bannockburn in the next 30 years.

The VPA has been appointed planning authority for the Bannockburn Growth Plan, which will deliver 7,000 additional homes and approximately 17,000 new residents in the south of the town, significantly increasing the population of Golden Plains Shire.

The VPA is now preparing the draft Bannockburn Growth Plan, which will be released later in 2020 with the opportunity for further community comment.