Great Ocean Road Authority to be Torquay-based

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The headquarters of a new authority to manage the iconic coasts and parks along the Great Ocean Road will be located at Torquay.

The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority (GORCAPA) is a key part of the State Government’s reforms to protect the area for future generations.

The Great Ocean Road and Environs Protection Bill 2019 was introduced into Parliament last year and recently passed through the Legislative Assembly (20 February 2020).

The legislation will reform the management of the Great Ocean Road with the GORCAPA delivering a more coordinated and sustainable approach to land and visitor management.

Existing management arrangements for the road are complex and fragmented, with 11 different Crown land managers having responsibility along the length of the road with no clear overarching plan.

The GORCAPA will have district offices in Apollo Bay and Port Campbell as well as operational bases in other coastal towns along the road.

All staff working for existing committees of management, that will be eventually incorporated into GORCAPA, will retain their jobs, conditions and working locations.

The Great Ocean Road is an international tourism drawcard with more visitors each year than Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef combined. Like many popular tourist sites, it is facing increasing pressures from increasing visitor numbers, natural processes and the impacts of climate change.

The reforms are about managing these pressures and ensuring the road continues to bring visitors to Victoria, while delivering benefits for the local communities in the region.

G21 has the Great Ocean Road as one of its 12 Priority Projects.

G21 has successfully lobbied for ongoing maintenance funding from both the state and federal governments for the Great Ocean Road, resulting in major upgrade works that are continuing along the road.

G21 has also sought better co-ordinated management of all aspects of the Great Ocean Road and welcomes the formation of the GORCAPA.