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GROW’s third annual ‘report card’ event celebrated a number of significant achievements from the initiative.

GROW’s report card captures key data, outcomes, achievements and challenges experienced in the start-up phase of this innovative project.

The results revealed that 112 jobs were created for disadvantaged jobseekers over the last twelve months and a further 20 job pathways such as traineeships and internships were created by GROW compact signatories.

Almost half of these jobs were for people from Norlane and Corio, 24% from Whittington and 27% from Colac.

At the event, Bill Mithen, CEO of the Give Where You Live Foundation, highlighted a number of achievements:

  • 110 Compact Signatory Organisations
  • 72 of these Compact Signatories have live action plans, including over 1,200 individual actions working to deliver the principles of the GROW initiative
  • 112 jobs and 20 employment pathways offered by Compact Signatories to job seekers from GROW target communities (Corio, Norlane, Whittington and Colac)
  • A total of 247 jobs and 39 pathways over 3 years

The results demonstrate that GROW is creating an environment that nurtures job opportunities in Colac, Corio, Norlane and Whittington, where unemployment is at double-digit levels and well above regional and state averages.

The event also provided the opportunity for Compact Signatories to share what they had learnt through the GROW reporting process.

Through the GROW process reporting of our spend and the first iteration of the Dashboard, what we discovered was that there was a fair amount of leakage, of purchases made outside the Geelong region that were influenceable. We discovered that our procurement policy wasn’t defined well enough. So we went through the process of reviewing and writing a policy and communicating it. Part of it was getting it communicated and part of it was getting the team to stop doing what they had always done and say “hang on a bit, we can do something different here…

Anonymous, Compact Signatory

There are 110 organisations who have signed the GROW compact, committing to procure and employ locally wherever practical. Today’s announcement is based on expenditure and employment data collected from 33 of these GROW Compact signatories.