Health & Wellbeing Pillar Update

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Health and Wellbeing Pillar

The last two months have seen a collective effort from both the G21 HWB team and our partners in ensuring our communities have accurate, easy to understand health resources to remain safe, healthy and mentally well at home.

Our Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) initiative has seen shared resources and ideas for organisations across the G21 region to provide up to date information for the community.  This has included the “healthy@home” adaptations across each organisation.  Alongside this, we continue work to bring all our focused working groups back together to look at the data and monitoring that has been occurring over 2019-2020, and to begin evaluation.  This will look different this year given the current social distancing restrictions, and we are working on some creative options as to how we can have these sessions including the use of Zoom breakout rooms.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, some well-planned collective events involving many partners could not go ahead, including a substantial effort for the “This Girl Can” campaign.  We are hoping these will have the option of either being delivered in the later months of the year or scheduled for the same time next year given the circumstances.  We will keep you updated about these rescheduled events.

Work is continuing to progress with the potential for a new model of health and wellbeing planning in the G21 region.  Other activities include furthering the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children work, looking into the 10-year anniversary of the “Growing up in G21” project, and capturing a 2020 update.  Along with the update to a new look G21 website, the G21 HWB Pillar will merge with the G21 website.  This is an exciting opportunity to simplify the way our online resource work, make it far more user friendly and strengthen our connection with the other G21 Pillars.

Our website is updated daily with links around the latest COVID-19 advice and updates from DHHS, as well as comprehensive links around mental health and wellbeing, how to prevent infection and spread, and emergency relief and links to support for those experiencing financial distress.

The HWB Team is working closely with our partners during this time to both adapt and continue the valued work that was occurring prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing support for partners during organisational changes, as well as looking to the future and planning for the recovery and reconnection effort that will be of vital importance for the G21 region.

The next G21 HWB Executive meeting will occur in June.