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Health and Wellbeing Pillar

Lots of activity for the G21 HWB Pillar in July and August. The G21 HWB Pillar Executive have been involved in the 3 part series of workshops to progress the “towards a new model of HWB planning” with Lenny Jenner. The last workshop is scheduled for Monday 24 August. The series has trialled a place based approach, with an exploration of roles and responsibilities, expectations and accountability across LGAs, health services, DHHS and NGOs. Further information, reflections and real time considerations and feedback are available on the G21 HWB website:

The G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) Initiative followed on from the Evaluation workshop to a 2 part series of Planning Workshops with facilitator Wei Leng.

These sessions are hugely important to take into consideration the ability of the HEAL Collective to plan to work differently within current restrictions to avoid the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure that the approaches and interventions proposed also allow the community to participate and connect with restrictions in place. A particular focus on the ability of the collective to pivot with the ongoing requirements of the pandemic. This has resulted in a change to the working groups, to allow the HEAL collective to complete this most valued work. Further details on activities are available through the G21 HWB pillar website.

The Connected Communities project exploring social isolation and social connectedness is entering stage 3B. The project research has indicated transition times for young people are particularly vulnerable for increased social isolation and decreased social connectedness. The implication of the pandemic has further exacerbated this. The project is engaging young people in an online forum to engage around young people’s voices in co-designing activities that increase social connection with a focus on mental health. Further updates on this forum will be available shortly.

Other activities include evaluation of the Prevention of Violence against Women and Children work, and subsequent planning for PVAW and Gender Equality for the G21 Region. A G21 HWB Pillar Forum will be held on PVAW and Gender Equity in the G21 Region in November. Further details to come. Work is continuing into the 10-year anniversary of the “Growing up in G21” project and capturing a 2020 update. The “Growing up in G21” document is anticipated to form that basis of LGAs Early Years Plans which are due for renewal in 2021.

Last Friday, DHHS released the KPMG report into the Review of Primary Care Partnerships. Rather delightfully, G21 was used as a case study of best practice, and we are fortunate to be the only PCP highlighted. Interesting, but not unexpected recommendations, which highlight the value PCPs are in rural/ regional areas. Acknowledgement to all the hard work the G21 HWB Pillar Executive have put into ensuring the long term sustainability of the G21 HWB Pillar.

Along with the update to a new look G21 website, the G21 HWB Pillar will merge with the G21 website. This is an exciting opportunity to simplify the way our online resources work, make it far more user friendly and strengthen our connection with the other G21 Pillars.

Our website is updated daily with links around the latest COVID-19 advice and updates from DHHS, as well as comprehensive links around mental health and wellbeing, how to prevent infection and spread, and emergency relief and links to support for those experiencing financial distress.

G21 HWB Pillar, along with Sirovilla are pleased to announce that Roger Hastrich has being appointed as the Project Manager of Social Housing. This role will sit within the HWB Pillar Team and will work across the G21 Region. We welcome Roger to the team.