Planning Bannockburn's future

Planning and Services Pillar

A new growth plan for Bannockburn South is being developed under a partnership between Golden Plains Shire and the Victorian Planning Authority.

The plan will deliver 7,000 additional homes and approximately 17,000 new residents in the south of the town, significantly increasing the population of Golden Plains Shire.

Bannockburn is the largest town in Golden Plains Shire, and the town and surrounds is the fourth fastest growing regional Statistical Area Level 2 in Victoria.

This rapid growth has seen the existing Bannockburn Urban Design Framework (BUDF) realised.

Bannockburn is located close to Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat, providing ideal access to services and infrastructure as well as an enviable regional lifestyle.

With major growth planned in the region – specifically the Western Geelong Growth Area –Bannockburn’s population will continue to increase as the town develops as a significant regional centre.

Golden Plains Shire Council is committed to ensuring that local quality of life is preserved for existing residents, as they continue to welcome new residents to Golden Plains.

This will be best achieved by identifying appropriate civil and social infrastructure that will develop a new community that is sustainable economically, environmentally and socially.

Community engagement and consultation on the plan will commence in March 2020.