Regional Land Use Plan - project update


The G21 Regional Land Use Plan (RLUP) will be prepared by the five G21 Councils in partnership with the State Government.

The plan will focus on identifying opportunities for accommodating future residential growth and employment generating enterprises.   

The Need

‘The Geelong Region Plan: A sustainable growth strategy’ looks towards 2051 and the way we make things happen, to better co-ordinate settlement and land use, infrastructure, economic development and environmental and social interests for the benefit of the region.

The G21 region has an aspirational population target of 500,000 by 2051. This achievable population figure will support higher level services and provide a threshold size attractive to future growth industries.

Project Description

The G21 RLUP will address the region’s land needs in the short (to 2016) and medium-term (2026).  Longer-term planning scenarios out to 2050 will also be considered. The objectives of the plan are to:

  • Document and develop a strategic land use plan for the Geelong region
  • Provide land use planning and economic development direction for accommodating urban growth residential and employment land needs, industrial/commercial/rural-agriculture development
  • Take account of identified social needs of the region in planning for communities, the pattern of settlement, and any community infrastructure requirements identified at regional/sub-regional level
  • Recognise environmental opportunities and constraints for the Geelong region in the plan 
  • Identify key infrastructure requirements and development principles
  • Clarify and describe the staging and sequencing required for major land use decisions, infrastructure planning and investments and associated budgeting
  • Prepare a plan that documents the required transport, networked services, major community facilities, recreation and open space facilities for the region
  • Prepare a funding and financing strategy to deliver the overall plan.

The G21 RLUP will take account of identified social needs at the regional level including:

  • Seeking a pattern of settlement and infrastructure planning that provides for:
    • connectivity between communities, and
    • connectivity between communities and places of work (employment land)
  • Proposing arrangements for timely land release to support availability of housing
  • Identifying regional/sub-regional level community infrastructure requirements.

G21 RLUP Development Process

The five-phase G21 RLUP development process outlines the way the G21 RLUP will be produced.

Click here to view the G21 RLUP Development Process Information Sheet

Click here to view the G21 RLUP Developing the G21 RLUP (Phases 1 – 5)

G21 RLUP Engagement and Communications Strategy

To ensure that communities and key stakeholders are effectively engaged during the development of the G21 RLUP, an Engagement and Communications Strategy is being developed and will be implemented during the life of the project.

Click here to view an outline of the G21 RLUP Engagement and Communications Strategy

Project Management

The plan is being prepared by the G21 RLUP Project Steering Group for the five G21 Councils, working in partnership with the State Government and major infrastructure providers.
The G21 RLUP Project Manager is Tim Hellsten.
Contact the G21 RLUP Team at:

Update on the G21 RLUP project (April 2011)

Phase 1 is now complete, with the Project Manager appointed, the Project Steering Group and project teams in place, and the budget allocated.

Phase 2 is well advanced with an information base of key policies, information and statistics established.

Phase 3 is underway:

  • The Engagement and Communications Strategy is out on Open Tender and available here
  • Work teams are preparing background issue papers on the following topics:
    • Residential land needs and growth
    • Employment land needs
    • Environment
    • Networked infrastructure
    • Transport
  • Background issue papers in other topics will follow as work progresses.
  • Two positions have been advertised for the G21 RLUP project team. The Senior Strategic Planner position has been recruited, while recruitment for an administration officer is underway.
  • Constraint Mapping is advanced, including for salinity, coastal impacts, fire, acid sulphate, land subject to slip and land subject to inundation

This work will provide background information and data to assist planning for the draft G21 RLUP.