Sport & Recreation Pillar update

Latest Pillar Activity
Sports and Recreation Pillar

A meeting of the G21 Environment Pillar took place in early December, an update is yet to be provided.

The G21 Sport and Recreation Pillar met on 2 September with representation from all LGAs and other key stakeholders.  Highlights of the pillar discussion include:

  • A presentation on Joint Use Agreements from Parks & Leisure Australia and the Department of Education & Training.
  • A presentation on the draft State of Play report and strategy action tracker for Tennis in the G21 region.
  • Updates on the Kardinia Park Masterplan, G21 Inclusive Play Strategy and the governance of Basketball across the region.
  • An outline of revised G21 Board Priority Projects.
  • A discussion around future Sport & Recreation Pillar Priority Projects.
  • Confirmation that Pillar representatives will present the G21 Regional Hockey and Cricket Strategies to the G21 Board for noting on September 20.