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Sports and Recreation Pillar

The Sport & Recreation Pillar met on 1 June via Zoom.

The focus was around the impacts of COVID-19 on the sport and recreation industry. The attendees received an insight from both AFL Victoria/Barwon and Netball Victoria on the current impacts and planning for the future, including the current status and potential for 2020 regional competitions. AFL Victoria provided an overview of the successful negotiation process with Cricket Victoria to determine a transition between the winter and summer sports seasons.

The meeting also covered the following items:

LGA Sport COVID-19 Working Group Update

  • Barwon South West weekly meetings proving valuable for Local Government Authorities (LGAs), State Sporting Associations and Sport & Recreation Victoria to discuss issues and approaches for resumption of sport.

State Government Survival Packages

National Sport Organisations and Professional Clubs Coronavirus (COVID-19) Short-term Survival Funding Program

Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program:

COVID-19 Impact on G21 Sport

The following provides some of the key issues highlighted by State Sporting Associations in April that are still current, and work is being undertaken on:

  • Managing finances (loss of income, sponsorship, functions)
  • Volunteer mental health (Volunteers have their own personal issues due to COVID and sport is taking a back seat)
  • Winter into summer season impacts
  • Potential loss of members / players and club culture
  • Relief / survival packages
  • Potential impact on female participation and other initiatives if clubs go into survival mode
  • Facility upkeep with no income
  • Impact of viability of associated businesses.

The following suggestions were made on how LGAs can support sports now and into the future:

  • Advocacy to support SSA/VicSport efforts
  • Understanding of the impact on clubs and associated issues
  • Understanding current or potential staffing impacts at Association level
  • Support for association and club volunteers, including information on local assistance or resources
  • Support/discussions in winter/summer season dates
  • Continue facility works during shutdown
  • Reduce/waive hire fees (outdoor and indoor)
  • Access to facilities when restrictions are lifted
  • Support with ongoing operational costs when sport resumes
  • An outline of LGA short, medium and long term priorities
  • Support for SSA decisions on competitions and membership refund policies
  • Promotion of Association resources.

Project Updates on the:

  • Indoor Sports Strategy
  • Kardinia Park Master Plan
  • Fairhaven to Skenes Creek Trail
  • Cricket Barwon Advisory Committee
  • G21 Inclusive Play Strategy
  • Motocross Facility
  • Beechy Trail