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The Pillar met on April 11 at Geelong Council Chambers. (Note: A further A meeting of the G21 Transport Pillar took place on June 18 - there is currently no written report available).


  • Jozef Vass, Transport Coordination Manager from DEDJTR
  • Adam Lorensene from DOT
  • Mark Koliba from Regional DirectorMetro at Vicroads
  • Murray Rance from Port Phillip ferries

Summary of the presentations:

a. Geelong Line Upgrade

  • Will include signal upgrades – current system is paper based, very outdated.

b. Network Operating Plan

  • 83% of people drive to work.
  • Aim is to get more people using public transport, walking, cycling.
  • To get down to 50% of people driving aim for 2047.
  • Need to look into more achievable targets over the next 5-10 years.

c. Building Better Bike Connections

  • Western Link has a preferred tender ready to go.
  • There are two stages, CBD to River and River to WPonds.
  • Stage 1 is funded and pending approval, stage 2 will need to be looked at for additional funding.
  • 30th April Community Question Time – being a priority project of this pillar, it would be good to see stakeholders from this group come along with support.

d. Priority Trucks and Freight

  • Laneways projects, pushing to replace larger delivery trucks with smaller trucks and changing access times – engagement to commence.
  • With Coles in town there will still be large trucks coming through.
  • Aim is to reduce trips through the City when it is not the destination.
  • Making it hard to easily pass through but easy to enter and park.

e. Green Spine Stage 2 – Bus Changes

  • Will need to move bus route while works being done.
  • 80% of people get off at Moorabool St.
  • Options proposed. All with different pricing – Brougham / Moorabool or Brougham/Hybrid Moorabool/Yarra.
  • Small changes in bus routes have very large changes in costs.
  • The Hybrid option is the overall preferred option with the Geelong Authority.

f. Car Parking at Stations

  • To encourage travel on trains, need to improve the bus/walking options to the stations.
  • There is currently a 10 year action plan.
  • The plan supports the Revitalisation of Central Geelong Project.

g. Fixing Country Roads Program

  • Announcements made in May relating to this item including round 2 of projects funded for delivery in 2019/2020- %70million to all rural and regional councils in Vic.

h. Geelong to Melbourne Ferry Update

  • The vessel is currently under construction.
  • Should be doing sea trials in Geelong by October.
  • The vessel will be named “The Geelong Flyer”.
  • Currently looking at reducing travel time. Confident this will be approved by the time the Geelong service is up and running.
  • Capability for people to bring their bicycles.
  • Goal is to be officially running by the first week of December 2019.
  • Parking in Geelong is an issue and they are working with PTV for best options.
  • Currently in discussions with Cunningham Pier regarding parking as well as boarding options.
  • Current travel time is 100 mins.
  • Marketing focus’ on – a guaranteed seat.  Wi-Fi, able to work while travelling, relaxing ocean views.
  • The main idea is to get people off the roads and using the bay.
  • Trials completed last year were very successful.

Transport for Victoria no longer exists and has been brought back in to Dept of Transport (DOT).