Water for Our Future project launched


The Geelong region will need to find an additional supply of water within 10 years or risk running out.

The Water for our Future program is an innovative approach to preventing this that will see Barwon Water partner with regional leaders and the wider community to develop a vision and ideas for how water will be sourced and managed into the future.

The three-year program encourages the community to join in tackling the challenge of a hotter and drier climate, which is resulting in less rainfall and reduced inflows into local catchments and reservoirs.

Each year Barwon Water supplies about 35,000 million litres of drinking water across the region, and that water is sourced from rain, rivers and reservoirs.

Since 1997, the average yearly water collected at West Barwon Reservoir has decreased by about 32 per cent (or 9000 million litres), and January of this year was the driest January on record.

With a reduction in rainfall expected to continue, and a growing population, it is important to create a water future that harnesses the value of water to support liveable and prosperous communities and a healthy environment for years to come.

While Barwon Water has a number of backup sources to adopt when it gets dry, the Water for our Future program is an opportunity to look ahead to the region’s long-term future and rethink where its water comes from.

Over the last few months, Barwon Water has spoken to the five G21 municipalities about the shared challenges and opportunities of securing water for the future prosperity of the G21 region. At its July Board meeting the G21 Board adopted it as a new Priority Project.

Barwon Water is now working with local agencies, community and environmental groups, regional leaders and independent experts to understand the many ways the community values water and make sure this forms the basis of all future planning and decisions.

If you want to be part of the process, visit www.barwonwater.vic.gov.au/future