Water Security Study released


The first stage of the G21 Priority Project “Secure Water Program” is now complete with the public release of the G21 Secure Water for Economic Development Study (2009) which examines the supply and demand of water for economic purposes in the G21 region.

Led by Golden Plains Shire, the report concentrates on areas that are not connected to the mains supply and examines ideas such as using recycled water or local processing of saline groundwater. It examines not just technical feasibility but also financial and regulatory issues that must be overcome in order to provide a co-ordinated region-wide approach to water security.

The report finds that Barwon Water's Plans and Actions are very good for the security of potable water supplies and some recycling initiatives; but that they do not fully address the economic development and agricultural needs of the G21 region. The new report identifies these gaps and provides a detailed list of items and actions to address them. The Department of Sustainability and Environment Office for Water and Barwon Water provided valuable reviews of the reports as they were being prepared.

The report also identifies the complicated water responsibility structure as a major challenge. G21 has already prepared a submission on third party access rights and met with the EPA to look at some of the rules that apply.