Workforce planning forum


The public forum held on April 1 attracted more than 70 representatives from industry, peak bodies, unions, education and training organisations to discuss the impacts of the global downturn in the Geelong region, with a particular focus on jobs and industry capacity.

Attendees were presented with information outlining the current strengths and vulnerabilities of Geelong region industries, along with confronting information regarding the number of people employed in industry sectors that are considered to be at risk in the current economic environment.

Forum facilitators, Researching Futures, then guided discussions to find ways to re-train employees in industries that are at risk while increasing the capacity of industries that are emerging or growing.

A range of strategies to engage employers and industry in the discussion are now being explored. Data and recommended actions will be available on the G21 website shortly. The outcomes from the forum will contribute to the final scope of the Career Development and Skills Service.