Recruitment of new G21 CEO

G21 - Geelong Region Alliance seeks a new CEO

Federal ‘funding miss’ for Great Ocean Road

Economic Development Pillar
G21 calls on the federal government to rectify a “funding miss” for Geelong and the Great Ocean Road in the upcoming Federal Budget.

Geelong bodies unite on State Budget needs

Five Geelong region peak organisations call on the state government to include specific projects in its 2020-21 Budget.

Transport Pillar Update

Latest Pillar Activity
Transport Pillar
An update form the August 2020 Transport Pillar meeting

Sport & Recreation Pillar update

Latest Pillar Activity
Sports and Recreation Pillar
An update from the September 2020 Sport & Recreation Pillar meeting.

Planning & Services Pillar Update

Planning and Services Pillar
An update from the August 2020 Pillar meeting.

Health & Wellbeing Pillar Update

Latest Pillar Activity
Health and Wellbeing Pillar
An August 2020 update from the Health & Wellbeing Pillar.