Feeding the most vulnerable during the covid-19 crisis

Health and Wellbeing Pillar
An innovative proposal that supports the redeployment of the hospitality workforce to ensure the continuity of food relief has been put to government by the Give Where You Live Foundation.

G21 CEO delays departure

G21 CEO Elaine Carbines delays her departure from the role until the end of 2020 because of COVID-19.

Dynamic and adaptive, the G21 region has the potential to embrace opportunities that address transport challenges through technology, trials and innovative policy.

The G21 region could be used to test trials and pilots on projects that enhance people’s travel experiences and make our transport network safer, more efficient and more liveable.

This includes testing new ways of designing streets, changing transport operations and introducing new technology.

Development of a G21 Integrated Transport Strategy is required to provide a cohesive transport and land use planning framework for the G21 region.

The Strategy will guide investment decisions for the transport system within the G21 region, allowing the region to sustainably develop and support change.

The G21 Region Road Transport Plan will provide a foundation for this strategy that will look at

The Geelong Station precinct must be revitalised to make it a significant arrival point and activity hub in Central Geelong.

This involves implementation of a land use and development strategy for the precinct that supports development and improves city centre connections.

This Transport Pillar Project is featured under the Central Geelong Revitalisation Priority Project.

Avalon Airport is seeking government support to improve transport links to Avalon Airport.  This includes expanded bus services and to be included in any rail improvements currently being planned between Geelong and Melbourne.

This Transport Pillar Project is featured under the Avalon Airport Priority Project.

Transport Pillar Update

Transport Pillar
A February 2020 update from the Transport Pillar.

Health & Wellbeing Pillar Update

Health and Wellbeing Pillar
A February 2020 update from the Health & Wellbeing Pillar.