Northern Settlement Strategy

Planning and Services Pillar

The Northern Settlement Strategy will guide the Golden Plains Shire Council in determining sustainable areas in the northern half of the Golden Plains Shire to accommodate population growth to 2030.

The Strategy will provide:

  1. An updated Residential Land Supply for the northern part of Golden Plains Shire
  2. A Typology of Settlements as spatial expression of population distribution, settlement size and settlement role
  3. A planning framework for the location of development and encourage growth in those locations where there is the greatest opportunity to maximise benefit from existing infrastructure.

Seven settlement profiles were developed for settlements and rural localities with residential land supply:

  • Corindhap, Dereel, Illabarook, Rokewood
  • Berringa, Cape Clear, Staffordshire Reef
  • Cambrian Hill, Durham Lead, Garibaldi, Napoleons, Enfield
  • Haddon, Nintingbool, Smythes Creek
  • Linton, Happy Valley
  • Meredith, Steiglitz
  • Smythesdale, Scarsdale, Newtown

The Strategic Directions for each of the townships is summarised here.

A Strategic Framework Map for the Northern Settlement Strategy was presented to the community in August 2018.  The Strategic Directions are defined here.

The Strategy will provide a municipal approach to land use planning for the northern part of the Golden Plains Shire. It will guide the structure, function and character of the Shire’s settlements taking into account municipal, regional and state contexts and obligations.